coconut oil popcorn

Im just sayin... It was realllly good. 2 cups popcorn, 3 big heaping tablespoons coconut oil, high heat and shaky shaky. Then a few cranks of the Himalayan Pink salt grinder and voila! Do it.

$24 luxury look

Pretty sure Kate wouldn't mind savin a few pennies.
Victorias Secret swim only $24 here.


Mix them up and get Dolores Cortes Swimwear 2011. We want.

dark to light

You know it's that thing of when your hair gets all light at the bottom, because you spent all that time on the beach in August and your roots are comin in?

apparently its all good.

we heart adele

this is on repeat. you'll love the bluesy roll too.

foursquare's hottest for 2010

Foursquare boasts over 6 million users worldwide, but it's amazing that the most popular check-ins during 2010 in areas of music, art, and travel were in NY with runners up in SF. What does this say about the users? Are foursquare fans more artistic, tech savvy and green? Or are NY and SF the hottest cities to be living in worldwide? GO USA!
Travel and Leisure. Read the whole story here.

modern espadrille

takes the all american look a little farther.

chi chi bags

One of my favorite friends imports these bags from Central America. Some of you have seen me wear 'em. I love them so much I own 2! The perfect weekender, beach bag, or NYC shopping duffle. Here's Maggie's story and online shop ...

new house

pics coming soon.


Just what you need for late night pool parties. only $950. better be ready to party like a rockstar.

tubereuse criminelle

Tuberose is my favorite flower,
but my personal scent secret is Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. Which carries pomegranate, pink pepper, raspberry, plum, opopanax, frankincense, patchouli, musk, and spicy woods.

sports illustrated bikini time

Who will be this years cover girl? And I hear its in 3D. I cant wait. Im betting on Irina.

revisited @ W magazine

posh and madonna

sand salt and sun

@ the beach I always use kerastase oil protector with SPF xtra shine + protection

I want to go here

playa del carmen / basico hotel

shower power

I love the smells of a day at the beach. Sweet smelling coconut oil is my quick fix for the winter blues. Instead of soap that can cause dryness, melt some coco into your evening bath. Get softer skin and save money! Compared to the market brand, u get 2 more ounces of the sweet stuff and save 3 dollars. SWEET is right.

buy it here:

fave cleanser

Shu Uemura cleansing oils. This product is the only one that keeps my skin fresh and hydrated after washing. After hours of make-up application and re-application, your skin is caked and dry. I like to cleanse with oil because it strips off the bad stuff and leaves the natural oils in my skin intact. This is all you need if you wear heavy studio make-up or theater make-up everyday.