happy saturday

im headed to the beach today. you?
images via ffffound, honestly...wtf

ace palm springs/ cheekys/ birba

grab a bikini, pack up your pooch and head south east for palm springs. after you boogie down at the ace til dawn, be sure to stop be cheekys and have some of their famous cinnamon roll croissants. you only have to go next door for amazing pizza and vino at birba. my dear friend eiming, owner of 111 minna sf, will most likely be around to have a few glasses with you... ace hotel rooms are spacious and cozy, with record players and private patios w/ bbq pits! triple a discount makes em even cheaper. for 2 people, the total bill came to $380 including drinks, food, room+taxes, and dog fee. sweet deal. you can always bring your own food and drinks, which i'll do next time to save even more money. just dont forget the sunscreen, its scorching!
ace hotel = summer pool party / dog friendly/ great tacos / tons of fun

tropical isle for 99 bucks

this is my kinda hotel. located 18 miles off the coast of Honduras, this family owned mini island is ringed entirely by sandy beaches and a coral reef. the entire island can be rented for around $US100 per night for 6 people! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. you can bbq fresh fish everyday, hand delivered by george. power is 100% solar generated, no tv, air-con, hi-fi or wi-fi. if you need supplies, george is happy to receive one call per day via shortwave radio, and will deliver your requests. the larger island of utila is a 20 minute boat ride away for anyone needing a touch of 'civilisation' during your castaway stay. to book, give george a call on +504-2425-2005 or send an email to cayosutila@hotmail.com. more info here.

ibizan love affair

i am obsessed with these gypsy bags by ibiza world family. Alok and Merel's magical creations forged out of love for vanishing crafts. gaining inspiration from world travels and the carefree life of the gypsy...read their story here. perfect for beach cruising or spicing up the cubicle life.

via honestly...wtf and ibiza world family

buried treasures

since moving back to the beach, and reconnecting with my childhood spent on the ocean, i have been running across jewelry inspired by the sea. black pearls, golden shells, coral and barnacle settings. please enjoy my newest find. here at ludevine. shahla kareen mixes natural fossils and gold together with diamond accents. im saving up to buy so many pieces from recent posts. which do you like the best?

porcupine and pyramids

dyed quill earrings with a pyramid chain necklace. find them at rejoicethehands. perfect for a walk in the sands of time.

tires and tittaay

pirelli 2011 karl lagerfeld

if you havent seen this yet. google it. now.

italians. again.

monday's mean moss

i have decided i will always dedicate mondays to my fave girl.
craig mcdean vogue uk

italians do it better

the ads are super sexy. it smells as good as it looks.
tom ford neroli portofino.

the summer shave

i used to rock this when i was younger because i played sports
what do you think about it now?

where do you wanna go?




can you guess where they are?
the worlds most luxurious resorts// honeymoon heaven

roz savage: 1 million strokes across the ocean

Roz Savage is currently rowing across the Indian ocean solo, in a bid that could make her the first woman to ever row across three oceans! e is currently rowing across the Indian ocean solo, in a
"You might think that anything you do is just a drop in the ocean. But think back to my ocean voyages. To cross the Atlantic took approximately one million strokes. One oar stroke didn’t get me very far, but together, they added up, slowly, and eventually carried me across three thousand miles. Every action—no matter how small— counts.Today make yours count too.
So please; today for humanity as well as for our oceans, do something to help. Pledge never again to use a single-use plastic bag. Vow to eat only sustainable seafood. Take part in a beach cleanup."

chi chi bag

must have chi chi bag for summer weekends.
photo taken at thousand steps beach, near mi casa
xo maggie and elizabeth

dream house


tahiti for my 30th. how many yoga classes til then? lots.


mustangs and tassles. who wants a road trip to Malibu? Claudia Schiffer for Bazaar UK.