v mag liz taylor

For V73 The Heroes Issue, V create still life scenes in honor of the style and spirit of Elizabeth Taylor. Here, Suddenly, Last Summer (1959). Issue is on sale September 8th.
Photography Metz + Racine
Styling Catherine Newell-Hanson
From left:
Gold, mother of pearl, and diamond
“La D De Dior” watch Dior Timepieces
Fragrance Chanel
Sunglasses Tom Ford Eyewear
Swimsuit Michael Kors
White gold and diamond “Lotus” ring Van Cleef & Arpels
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us open surfing

cell studs, Mondrian'esque boards, tony hawk, old school and new school pros. a couple weekends ago up the coast in newport beach. 

via streetpeeper


      south laguna chillaxin

     killer waves
      vitmin d
     she is "stoked"

the original native

while visiting the blogosphere lately i cant help but notice the folk revival. muddy music festivals, long haired and bra-less or feathered with turquoise covered wrists. these here ladies were the original hip. perfect campfire company or a best friend for that long drive across 66. linda, emmylou, dolly and stevie. 

neon love // autumn sneak peak

new lemlem for fall. i love these scarves. colorfull and ethnic inspired. cant beat the neon stripes, and its a feel-good purchase to boot, helping women in ethiopia preserve ancient craftwork. goin on the wish list. 
n. 1) hand made in Ethiopia from natural cotton.

v. 2) [Amharic] bloom, flourish.

3) [history] Since ancient times in the land of the Queen of Sheba, the Ethiopian people have adorned themselves in beautiful hand woven and hand embroidered clothing. The hand spinning of cotton and intricate embroidery was the work of women while the hand weaving was done mainly by men. It is our wish to bring to you an incredible handwork and help preserve this ancient art form by creating opportunities for the Artisans. here.

jenny gittin hitched

im sure it'll be in hawaii. so proud of my sweet lil sis. i cant wait to help plan, decorate and celebrate

heres some inspiration just for you jenn xoxo

inspiration india

“He who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life's pleasures is like a blacksmith's bellows: he breathes but does not live.” -sanskrit proverb


turlington by ritts

under the water / herb ritts / 1989 / via fashion gone rogue 


i have so many photos just like this from my childhood on marinka. im dying to go home and scan some to show all of you. our family is going back to tahiti soon to relive the moments. nudey photos to follow. maybe without dad this time. 

california dreamin

today was one of the prettiest i have seen in laguna beach. the air smelled sweet, the fog rolled away early and left the grasses sparkling a bit. i wanted to take the day off, alas i typped tippy tapped away inside my cubicle dreamin