flip flop flavor

missoni and havaianas have teamed up. perfect for little piggies.
@ Jeffrey NYC

matchbox life

peek-a-boo kate

baja ha ha


les gazelles

i have seen pieces by les gazelles before, but never looked deeper. oz blogger oracle fox, posted back story on les gazelles recently. i am impelled to repost. Les gazelles: french sisters who live with family in sayulita, who made a life out of pearl diving and surf bum jewelry making. my own two obsessions, pearls and a Mexican beach, wrapped into one exciting package. part tribal, goddess, ancestor story, and very very cool. someday soon, i will own one. here.

ellery envy

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oh shoes, i cannot afford you, oh oh shu-uuues, i cannot afford you.

white bikini

springtime in paris

i'll settle for a mix tape.

been awhile

im baaaack.