feelin minty

mints and pale shades of green. spring is already here in california, did we even have a winter?

its not over yet

"I don't feel old or used up, and I don't have time to waste thinking about aging." - Brigitte Bardot

v for v...

i cant believe i havent seen these before. paz de la huerta looking sexy in a series of videos produced by rsa for agent provacateur. have fun peepin these vids and happy valentines day. check your inbox, cuz someone loves you. find them here.

agent underwater

only 5 months left til swimsuit season opens. lets use this little number as a get off your ass and do something about it warning. ill pack my gym bag, after i finish this beer of course. find it here.

coco kate

look how young kate looks? with a lovely pair of coconuts to boot. 

collar me bad


catholic school girls make a ring around the collar. metal and jeweled pieces by danijo! chunky!

r u kidding

look how smokin hot gisele looks in the new versace campaign. dive in kiddies, its a tall glass of water.  Mert & Marcus,Spring 2012Versace


look what my boo gave me for christmas... 

The FUJIFILM X10 features a newly developed manual 4x optical zoom lens utilizing Fujinon optical technology. With superb F2.0-2.8 brightness and a 4x optical zoom ranging from 28mm wide angle to 112mm telephoto, the lens not only delivers high resolution optical performance across the entire range, but is also a triumph of engineering due to its compact size. Boasting rich descriptive performance, the all-purpose lens captures your encounters with amazing presence.

diamond head

if you cant go on vacation, wear one.
awesome hawaiian print jeans from mother denim via bleach black

NYC tourism

marlow and sons, brooklyn

a general store, brooklyn

diner, brooklyn

casa mono, nyc

casa mono sardines

met opera, madama butterfly

subway getting ready nye at the standard

ippudo nyc

the met