the BIG 30

birthday wants. i have been such a good girl this year.
1. tahiti
2. leopard booties
3. more time at the gym

viva mexico

flowers, silks, the matador style. dress me up and get me ready for dia de los muertos. halloween is around the corner. ideas forming.what are you gonna be this year? red wedding dresses, painted faces and black lace. pucci, andres sarda, fashion gone rogue  xoxo

ferragamo goes gauguin


versace says seashells

Versace’s Very Sexy Spring – Versace delivered signature Versace glam and seduction for its spring 2012 collection presented on a lit up stage. Designer Donatella Versace chose light pastel hues for a showing of clingy dresses and tailored shorts paired with fitted jackets. Prints included a glimpse at the beach life with seashells, starfish and mermaid patterns. For spring, the Versace woman also donned sleek long hair with pink lips and soft rosy cheeks for the perfect flirty look.

the icons of swim

farrah fawcett, liz taylor, angie jolie, ursula andress, pam anderson, raquel welsch, annette funicello, bo derek, phoebe cates. xoxo

its tough out there for a gingey

Sitting all alone on a beach, this little seal is an outcast from the colony.Its crime? Having reddish-brown fur and the palest of blue eyes. The rest of its sleek black family took an instant dislike to the ginger pup, leaving it to fend for itself. read more online here.  

48 hour staycation

because los angeles and palm springs are both a long 2 hours drive away, and with SF and vegas a short hour flight, i've been taking more 48 hours weekend trips than usual. i leave friday after work and make it back for movie night on sunday. i pack a purse with carry-on makeup, a pair of panties, a loose t, and extra skinny jeans with flips flops. thats it. wanna how to make a trip to the airport sexy? silk pants, big sunnies and no luggage. off the plane, into the cab, out for the night. xoxo 

 via fashion gone rogue, stockholm streetstyle 

goodbye summer.

sept 23rd is the official beginning of fall. i just unpacked my boots and im coming to terms with the end of long sweltering days. but i look forward to the cashmere and spice. so to usher in lady fall, im planning a trip to jackson hole. i'll visit some hot springs and explore the elk range. and so the summer fades away into fireplaces and whiskey nights. cant say im not happy to see the fog roll in again. xoxo

heres a little farewell bambi. from fashion gone rogue.

im looking forward to vacation inspirations for the colder months. its time for leather and wool. 

shangri la

sedona and jerome

 drinks, yes please.

arizona roadtripping called for grease at kofa cafe in salome. 8 long hours through seguaro cacti forests, we reached jerome. lodging was surprisingly glamourous for less than a 100 bucks a night. the connor hotel was clean and dog friendly found here. after more greasy spoon cowboy food we wasted no time locating beer at the wayward biker saloon. we also bought a couple bottles of caduceus here.  a winery owned by maynard, lead for the band tool. not much to write about that. the evening ended with a ghost hunt in the haunted jerome grand, famed for housing maniacs and wounded miners. we rolled into sedona the next day for hot-tubbing, aura cleansing and red rock crawling. sedona has a lost a bit of its charm to commercialism. but overall, jerome is a gem. lodged in between the kookie new ageyness of sedona and a wild west ghost town. its a good place to have a few beers and buy some turquoise. harley davidson optional.