tropical isle for 99 bucks

this is my kinda hotel. located 18 miles off the coast of Honduras, this family owned mini island is ringed entirely by sandy beaches and a coral reef. the entire island can be rented for around $US100 per night for 6 people! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. you can bbq fresh fish everyday, hand delivered by george. power is 100% solar generated, no tv, air-con, hi-fi or wi-fi. if you need supplies, george is happy to receive one call per day via shortwave radio, and will deliver your requests. the larger island of utila is a 20 minute boat ride away for anyone needing a touch of 'civilisation' during your castaway stay. to book, give george a call on +504-2425-2005 or send an email to more info here.

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