the indiana jones movie trilogy was my favorite growing up. since ancient ruins were my backyard, i yearned to be an anthropologist or archaeologist when i was all growed up. even now, i still want to dig things up. this early exploration of ancient landscapes also spurned interest in the occult and the sacred. i spent several past lifetimes in ancient egypt or the aztec empire. this post from oracle fox, about a jewelry maker, brought it all back. xoxo

'Rejoice the Hand’s vision is to produce jewelry that gives the impression of having been created in a different time, for the jewels to appear as if they were discovered in lost burial grounds, or dug deep from within a tomb. Drawing from her own Aztec roots, Rejoice the Hands’ designer, Ana Saldana creates everlasting culturally inspired pieces to keep you internally united with Father Sky and Mother Earth.' -Ana Saldana of "Rejoice the Hands"

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