spell and the gypsy video

C A S T A W A Y. from Spell on Vimeo.

Castaway a film by Spell.
Filmed by Johnny Abegg 
Edited by Lizzy from Spell
Music Behind The Seas by Possimiste
Last month we posted our C A S T A W A Y  photo shoot. 

I think the images captured a moment you may have experienced in the height and warmth and ecstacy of Summer – the feeling of being all alone, on a beach, with nothing but some seashells, some driftwood and your own curious self for company. (If you were draped in turquoise, fur and feathers at the time - all the better.)

One thing we didn't mention was that my boyfriend Johnny Abegg, who has become quite the expert at maneuvering around behind the scenes at photo shoots, so stealthy, unassuming and quiet-as-a-mouse that you almost forget he's there, was shooting a few images on his Nikon D7000. I edited this little film from the footage he got - I hope you like it.

Johnny has also filmed a few films for The Lane including the haunting L'Amant by Sybil Steel (and a new film, styled by the gorgeous Karissa Fanning and shot by Johnny is coming out shortly).
via spell.

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