sedona and jerome

 drinks, yes please.

arizona roadtripping called for grease at kofa cafe in salome. 8 long hours through seguaro cacti forests, we reached jerome. lodging was surprisingly glamourous for less than a 100 bucks a night. the connor hotel was clean and dog friendly found here. after more greasy spoon cowboy food we wasted no time locating beer at the wayward biker saloon. we also bought a couple bottles of caduceus here.  a winery owned by maynard, lead for the band tool. not much to write about that. the evening ended with a ghost hunt in the haunted jerome grand, famed for housing maniacs and wounded miners. we rolled into sedona the next day for hot-tubbing, aura cleansing and red rock crawling. sedona has a lost a bit of its charm to commercialism. but overall, jerome is a gem. lodged in between the kookie new ageyness of sedona and a wild west ghost town. its a good place to have a few beers and buy some turquoise. harley davidson optional.

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